Teslas to Soon Stream Netflix and YouTube

Yes, you heard that right. Teslas would soon provide streaming experience of YouTube and Netflix in your cars. Clearly, Elon Musk’s Tesla can not only provide information, but entertainment as well!

Tesla’s Entertainment View with Games –

Tesla has already unveiled games that drivers can play on the displays; in June, Bethesda studios announced at E3 that drivers would be able to play Fallout Shelter. Tesla has also released Cuphead and some classic Atari games, like Tempest, Pole Position, and Missile Command. On Friday, the company revealed that drivers would be able to play chess in the Tesla Arcade.

The games only work while the car is parked; and players can use the steering wheel as a controller. Though that’s a separate level of distraction since you’re actually interacting with what’s happening on the screen; which may not be the best idea for initial roll-out of autonomous features where a driver might be required to take over manual control in case of any incidents.

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Tesla’s Entertainment View with Netflix and YouTube –

This is the same as the gaming experience intended by Tesla; although Musk notes that when regulators approve self-driving, Tesla will allow passengers to stream video while the car is in motion. Musk didn’t unveil a timeline for the feature to roll out.

tesla netflix

Also, this is the first time Musk has specifically said that both YouTube and Netflix would be coming; after previously noting that version 10 of the in-car software would support video streaming generally; in reply to a question from a fan on Twitter.

The desire to allow drivers and passengers to watch video isn’t a total surprise; Musk noted at E3 that the ability to watch YouTube was coming. Up until this point, the display doesn’t support HTML5, so such a feature isn’t possible in the cars right now, although one owner found a way around that.

The Tesla CEO said that the experience of watching video on Netflix and YouTube in a Tesla vehicle is akin to “an old school drive in movie experience, but with much better sound”; and that it has an “immersive, cinematic feel” thanks to the surround audio available via the Tesla’s audio system and its “comfy seats.”

It may seem like a weird software update priority for a car; but it’s entirely possible Tesla owners spent so much on their vehicles that they don’t have spare cash for a fixed address; in which case an entertainment system for their tiny apartment actually makes a lot of sense.


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  2. Tesla (Elon Musk) is much into techno-savvy and futuristic dreams coming through, very good. Entertainment in Tesla Cars is for back seat passenges not for driver who needs to concentrate unless he or she is in autu driver Tesla cars.

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