Tess Holliday On Hair, Workout, And More

Tess Holliday has been at the forefront of calling out toxic beauty standards and the discrimination she faces because of them. She has called out brands for disregarding her as a model because of her, the double standards the public has after she made the worst dressed list in January after wearing the strawberry dress that people now say “lives in their head rent free.”

She is also the author of the book The Not So Subtle Art Of Being A Fat Girl: Loving the Skin You’re In, wherein she described herself as “SIZE 22. SUPERMODEL. FEMINIST. MOM. LOUD. PROUD. BODY ACTIVIST. BEAUTIFUL. BUSINESS WOMAN. HOMEMAKER. CAT OWNER. FUNNY. OUTSPOKEN. WIFE. DAUGHTER. LOVER. FIGHTER. SURVIVOR.”

Her hashtag also pretty much sums up what we feel about body standards.


So, Shape.com spoke to Tess Holliday about body confidence, fashion week, stress, and more.

Tess Holiday On Hair, Workout, And More

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“Obviously there aren’t many opportunities for someone who looks like me to walk in fashion shows. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’m attending two other shows today and one tomorrow, and I know that Christian is the only one using plus-size models out of all the shows that I’m going to. Some people say ‘Well, he’s only using size 14’ or 16 or whatever, but that’s better than not using plus-size models at all. We need to see more designers taking bold steps and taking risks because that’s how we’re going to change the fashion industry.”

Tess Holiday On Hair, Workout, And More


“I think that people think that since I literally wrote the book on how to love yourself that I love myself all the time, but I don’t. Sometimes I love it all and sometimes I pick everything apart. Right now I’m having a hard time loving my stomach, because I had a kid a year and a half ago. My body is still not quite the same because I had a C-section. In those moments when I’m having a hard time, I’ll try to wear something that scares me. I’ll wear a crop top if I’m not loving my stomach because it kind of forces me to pay attention to it and to love it, really. That’s why I started Eff Your Beauty Standards. It was all about me saying ‘Do you have something that scares you? If so, show it off.'”


“My current workout routine is quite sporadic. I have a 20-month-old, and let me tell you, every day watching him is like training for the Olympics. When I’m traveling, sometimes my workout is literally running gate to gate or airport to airport, so I try not to be too hard on myself. Sometimes I have 12-hour days, so I just try to work it in when I can, enjoy life, and stay as active as possible.”

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“Sebastian does a really good Drench treatment hair mask. ($17; ulta.com) They say to only put it on for three minutes, but no one does that. Once a week or every two weeks I’ll put the hair mask in, shave my legs and do what I need to do in the shower, then rinse it out. I do so much to my hair for modeling and color, so it’s nice to just kind of give it a boost.”

Tess Holiday On Hair, Workout, And More


“I love taking baths with Lush bath bombs, or just sitting in a dark room and watching Netflix to turn my brain off. Right now I’m watching Lookalikes. It’s a really funny mockumentary about celebrity impersonators in the U.K. It also helps to spend time playing a game with my kids, and I love going to Disneyland to just to kind of unwind!”

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