The 4 types of Boyfriends

You may have an amazing boyfriend but there might be some traits of their personalities who you feel are annoying. Read further to know in which category of boyfriends, does your bae fits.

  • The Jealous one

Though a little bit of jealousy and possessive is good, they are over-protecting and over-possessive. He is always paranoid about his girlfriend and is glued to phone messaging her after every few minutes to know where she is. They find it hard to trust their partners and are usually coupled up with insecurities of their own.

  • The Logical one

For him everything is about logic and reason. He works on the principle, “Follow your ming and not your heart”. He is someone who won’t mind having sensible conversation regarding your relationship. He remains calm and rarely gets agitated.


  • The Over- accommodating one

He makes a lot of sacrifices for his girlfriend and is ready to adjust in any situation. He often bent his ways for his girl and is known for making unusual sacrifices. They are generally in relationships with the girls who are dominating or demanding control.

  • The Geeky one

He can talk about his video games characters and his fantasy football team for hours. Though it is cute, it can be sometimes annoying as they spend more time playing games then being with you. He is the reason you know how to play games like Clash of Clans and Pubg like a pro.

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  • The Jerk

This is the worst type of boyfriend and you would never want them to stay for a long time. He is flirtatious by nature and can be seen with different girls every other day. They teach you valuable experience in life. However, you should not be with them for a long time as they will drain you emotionally.

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