The coolest new features to look forward to in iOS13

Apple announced the release of its newest iOS Operating System, iOS13 at the beginning of this month at the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference, earlier than we anticipated. The new iOS is super packed with a lot of new features and optimizing the performance making it more efficient and faster than before improving the app update and app launch times and also reducing the size of app download.

Dark mode

The highlight of the new iOS is this new dark mode feature. This feature changes the complete look of the operating system from light to dark. You can set it up manually or set a time for it to change automatically when the sun goes down.  All the native apps support this feature and gives a dark theme to your phone. It can also help in saving battery if your phones has an OLED display (iPhone X, XS or XS Max)

Video editing

The new iOS now features video editing tools that let you edit your videos same way you edit the photos. It lets you crop the videos, rotate them and apply filters just like you can to your photos. The camera app also now features portrait lighting adjustments of moving the light closer or farther depending on your preferences and high key mono lighting effect for monochromatic photos.


iOS 13 changes the feel of the keyboard by introducing swipe keyboard where you can swipe through the keyboard for swipe typing.


Reminders have been updated with a new interface with smart lists with better organising options and layouts and syncing with messages for collaborations of the reminders with people tagging. There’s a new toolbar for adding options like location, date, time and more.


It was about time for our beloved Siri to get new updates. Siri now features a new voice that sounds much more natural than the previous ones. It also supports Live radio and can play from different radio stations. The new Suggested Automations feature can help suggest you some personalised shortcuts you might want to create.


The new and updated Maps feature better and broader road coverage and pedestrian data. It is also more accurate with addresses and detailed landcover.

The new iOS is all set you change your iPhone experience and give you the feel of a new phone with your current iPhone, only if you have iPhone 6S or newer models.

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