The Current Trend About Hair Accessories

Hair clips or hair bands or head bands, as they are commonly known these days; all these seem to have come long back into the fashion industry but they had gone for a long time.
Well, probably this hair accessories trend has somehow made a come back; and how!

The Trend about Hair Accessories –

Hair clips and headbands are in the midst of one of the most impressive sartorial renaissances yet. There’s a new way to accessorize this season, and it’s going to do wonders to your next bad hair day.

Demand for hair accessories is higher than ever before; with sales up by 250 per cent on luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter in the last year; with designers Jennifer Behr and Prada leading the way in terms of sell-out styles. Also if the autumn/winter 2019 runways are anything to go by – with statement barrette clips and pearly tiaras injecting some pizazz at Ashley Williams and Simone Rocha – this a trend that’s not going anywhere soon.

Of course, modest price tags are not the only factor at play here. As design history lecturer Dr Harriet Atkinson of the University of Brighton points out, hair accessories have been around for centuries, and their recent resurgence might speak to the industry’s increasing penchant for nostalgia.

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Hair accessories are having a real moment!

Celebrity stylist Alex Longmore says the following about the hair accessories trend –

“Hair accessories are having a real moment, they boast both sartorial and economical appeal. I think it’s partly to do with brand accessibility and the current financial climate. Customers might not want to splurge on an item of clothing but a hair accessory from a named brand is a fraction of the price meaning its much more accessible. Eighteenth century hair adornments ranged from ribbons and jewels to flowers and even stuffed animals. The Victorians held their hair in place with combs, some of them ornate, carved bone.”

Velvet and Sparkle –

The rise of padded velvet headbands in particular, as seen everywhere from collections by Los Angeles-based designer Sophie Buhai to Urban Outfitters, is part of the wider eighties revival that has emerged in fashion over the last year.

There’s also something undeniably sentimental about decorating your hair with sparkling clips and headbands you might well have worn as a child, or during your early teens in a bid to channel Blair Waldorf; the famous Gossip Girl character for whom headbands were very much a trademark aesthetic.

Hair Clips with Wordings –

The Current Trend About Hair Accessories

That’s not to say that all hair clips are delicate and demure. Adding some attitude to the trend is the rise of empowering slogan barrettes, which bear words like “Boss” and “Babe”. You can now find these across the high street, with options at New Look, Pretty Little Thing and Accessorize.

Now the ultimate “cool girl” accessory, statement hair clips are often seen tucked into the well-groomed strands of some of the fashion industry’s major players, including model Adwoa Aboah and blogger Susie Lau. But this is largely down to one designer in particular, Ashley Williams; whose silver diamante “GIRLS” and “BOYS” pins have become a thing of mythic adoration among the fashion set.

“When I first made the hair clips it was a way of experimenting with jewellery and I felt hair accessories were something that was missing at the time. It was a call back my childhood in the 1990s when maximum hair accessories were very cool. It’s interesting to see that this was clearly something missing from the market and look how people have responded”.

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