The Last Dance – Michael Jordan’s Documentary And A Commentary On Life

A documentary known as “The Last Dance” which is based on Basketball legend Michael Jordan is making waves on Netflix these days. With a 9.3 rating on IMDB, it has also received a good critical response as well as fan reactions which are positive.

However, there’s a larger problem with the way Jordan has been presented in the documentary. This is also the reason why the US is failing in its fight against the Coronavirus. It relates to the kind of values that have been portrayed as desirable by using Michael Jordan as an example in this situation.

There’s nothing new in this narrativization. Isn’t that what the majority of American heroes are based on? They are supposed to be strong individuals with no need of help from anyone. That’s the entire culture of superheroes. Let’s find out more about why the documentary is another example of these old fashioned tropes.

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The Last Dance - Michael Jordan's Documentary And A Commentary On Life


The reasons are simple enough as Michael Jordan has been portrayed as an all-powerful superhero. He needs no help and will go to any extent for the larger good because he is supposed to save the team.

That includes punching his own teammate or insulting the manager for not subscribing to his views. This kind of individualism is what has led to the US losing the Coronavirus fight. A time that requires people to come together and cooperate rather than compete has instead led to a dirty blame game in the country.

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The Last Dance - Michael Jordan's Documentary And A Commentary On Life

In fact, the President of the United States Donald Trump himself has been portraying this as a competition. The US is sometimes fighting China, while at other times it is fighting the WHO. This kind of competitive fighting has been engrained in US culture for a very long time. However, to beat Coronavirus, they instead need a cooperative attitude. If that doesn’t happen then the number of deaths arising out of the disease will keep increasing.

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