“The Matrix” Inspired Fashion Making A Comeback

Celebrities all over the world have started to bring back fashion trends from the 90s. Bike shorts, fanny packs, bucket hats, and bell bottoms are all making a comeback. However, there is one very specific trend that it is returning to the fashion world.

It is “The Matrix” dressing.


“The Matrix” is a movie revolving around Thomas Anderson. Anderson is a computer programmer who is fighting an underground war against powerful computers who have used a system called the Matrix to construct his entire reality.

The costume designing for this movie was nothing short of iconic.

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To ensure that the audience could identify the character even in the dark, their silhouettes were instantly recognizable. Each character was dressed in a distinct way to suit their own characteristics. Trinity, for instance, was made to wear shiny and figure-hugging clothes because she needs to move through the world of the Matrix like quicksilver. Neo’s coat is a cross between an ancient Chinese robe and an ecclesiastical garment. This makes it look like a superhero outfit. This mirrors Keanu’s character creating a superhero version of himself.


A major reason for Matrix-dressing coming back is that it is unaffected by time period.

According to Kym Barrett, the movie’s costume designer, people are returning to this style because the current world is wildly similar to the one in the movie. The movie also talks about capitalism constantly harming the environment, which is something that is happening today.

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In the movie, the characters resorted to minimalism because of a scarcity of resources. They used to remake a dead person’s clothes into something useful for someone else. Now, people are increasingly switching to thrift shopping and recycling clothes.


“Governments are all talking about how the environment is important, but saying that keeping industry moving is more important. That’s a huge worry – the kind of catastrophe that led to the world of The Matrix feels as though it could be around the corner here, too. If the continued interest in the film, and its fashion, is a way to reach people and wake them up to that message, then I’m all for it,” wrote Barrett in an article for The Guardian.

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