The Pod – Eight Sleep’s Latest Gadget Helps you Sleep Better!

On the 13th of February, 2019, Eight Sleep, which is a well-known smart mattress company announced its latest product. This is known as The Pod; which Matteo Franceschetti, the Co-founder and CEO of the company describes as “Nest for your bed.”

Read further to gain more information about Eight Sleep as well as about The Pod.

 What or Who is Eight Sleep?

Just a few years ago, Matteo was the embodiment of the stressed out startup CEO. It ruined his sleep and forced him to start each endless day defeated. He realized he needed to do something about it, and like most entrepreneurs, he didn’t cut back on his work schedule. Unlike most entrepreneurs he did do something about his terrible sleep.

They said, “We believe that helping to make our society more sleep fit is not just about getting people to sleep comfortably or sleep more, it’s about improving sleep quality so that the overall human experience and performance during waking hours can be enhanced.”

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The Pod –

The Pod is the first bed engineered with dynamic cooling and heating that keeps you at the perfect temperature all night long. Basically, it’s the first bed that learns the perfect temperature for your sleep and dynamically warms or cools according to your needs.

Eight has been focused on bed temperature for a while, first by offering a smart mattress cover and then a smart mattress that allows owners to adjust the surface temperature and even set different temperatures for different sides of the bed. But The Pod goes even further, with a smart temperature mode that will change bed temperature throughout the night to improve your sleep.

The Pod is powered by The Hub, a device attached to the bed that essentially functions as its computer, connecting to Wi-Fi and also storing the water tank that’s used for changing the temperature.

Matteo’s words –

Matteo said the following supporting his invention –

“Our vision is to use technology to personalize the environment while you’re unconscious and asleep. The biggest factor in the environment is temperature. The reason is … your body temperature changes during the night. If you sleep in an environment with a flat and stable temperature, you’re clearly going to feel hot or cold.”

Advantages of The Pod –

1. The Pod tracks your sleep.
2. It learns your temperature preferences and adjusts to deliver deeper and more restorative sleep.
3. You never have to feel hot or cold. It finds your most suitable temperature through AI and Biofeedback sensors.
4. Dual zone temperature. (Personalized temperature regulation on each side.)

5. 55°-115°F range.
6. It’s developed with 43 million hours of sleep data, collaborating with 5 leading sleep researchers and insights from 30,000+ sleepers.
7. It is initially priced at $1,995 (full bed) and $2,195 (queen).
8. Wake up to Pod’s thermo alarm, i.e. an alarm without any sound.

9. High-tech sensors track your sleep time, sleep phases, and more.
10. Review your sleep report every morning in the Eight Sleep app.
11. Connect to smart home devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Nest, and Philips Hue.

Also, Eight Sleep says it will start shipping in April.

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