“The Rapist is You:” Protesters Chant Outside of Harvey Weinstein’s Trial

Women inspired by the Chilean feminist group called Las Tesis perform “the rape dance” in front of the New York City criminal court during Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes trial.

New York
A flash mob of around 100 women protested and chanted “The rapist is you” outside of New York county court building on Friday where Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial is taking place.

The women dressed in black with glints of res, danced and sang the Chilean anti-rape protest anthem “Un Violador en Tu Camino” — “The Rapist in Your Path” — outside the Manhattan courthouse.
“The patriarchy is a judge that judges us for being born, and our punishment is the violence that we have seen,” they shouted.

While pointing at the courthouse and the police officers surrounding it, the women sang in Spanish. Translated to English, the lyrics include: “The rapist is you / The cops, the judges, the state, the president / … And the fault wasn’t mine / Not where I was, not how I dressed / You are the rapist.” They pointed out on the officials for contributing to a culture in which sexual assault survivors feel their voices don’t matter.

The anthem and its accompanying dance have been performed across Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Germany, France and Istanbul. Seven women were detained by the police for their participation.
Following the protest, many of the demonstrators relocated to Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan, where they railed against the “patriarchy … that imprisons us at birth.”

They sang and danced while protesting, representing that they can enjoy and protest for their rights all together without standing week.

The former film producer Harvey Weinstein is being tried for allegedly raping a woman in 2013 and sexually assaulting another woman in 2006.
He has pleaded not guilty pleaded in the case and denied any allegations of non-consensual sex.
Since 2017, more than 80 women have publicly accused him of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and/or rape. And the number has gone above 100.

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