The short film Rehearsal captures the soft abuse of actresses

The hard-to-watch short film Rehearsal has been on the internet, is the specter of James Franco. The semi-disgraced thespian have not mentioned in the film, but the charges that have showed the tenacity and grimmed persistence Franco for the past two years are embedded in Rehearsal‘s DNA.

As a director, Franco has reportedly behaved inappropriately with his actors, five of whom came forward and opened upas well. Tthey felt sexually exploited by him also. (The accusations also include the director removing protective plastic guards over the actresses’ genitals while simulating oral sex on them).

Franco’s alleged behavior, and that of many other men outed in the #MeToo movement which led to a big push for intimacy coordinators too and they are notably absent from the events of Rehearsal.

Writer/director Courtney Hope Thérond’s short film has a small crew during a “courtesy rehearsal” of a steamy scene in a feature film. Ana (Jessica Mendez Siqueiros), the actress performing in the scenein thee film, is the only woman in the room during the rehearsal and a lapse that affects everything that happens in the film. Even though the rehearsal is supposedly happening to keep the actress’s comfort in mind, neither her costar, nor the director, nor the DP seems the slightest bit aware to her mounting discomfort.

Nothing terrible happens though. This isn’t a #MeToo horror story about dirtbags abusing their power. This film is based on the everyday pressure women face to be a good sport, whether it’s in an office or on the set of a film or any other place.

Because there isn’t another woman was present to agree that asking an actress to go topless for a rehearsal is excessive—and it should definitely not be photographed with a cell phone as well. It’s a raw and necessary examination of the mundane tyranny of men with good intentions as well.

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