The Smartest Gadgets Of This Week

Gadgets are something which we can’t live without. We use plenty of gadgets everyday which helps to reduce our work on daily life. Here are some of the smartest gadgets available now:

1. DJI Robomaster S1
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You can programme this robot using Scratch 3.0 or Python, and watch as it recognises different objects and responds to sounds as well. It’s a terrifyingly sophisticated bit of kit, with quality AI. It could conceivably lead its fellow robots in a mechanised coup against its humanoid oppressors which you’ll find out on Boxing Day.

2. Anova Nano precision cooker
Best tech and gadgets

You can have a great whacking blue flame which is the best for recipes that require a sensitive touch. Stick it in a pot and it heats the contents in gradations of a 10th of a degree, but up 92C as well. So now you can sous-vide stuff without having to make space on your counter for a massive water bath as well.

3. The Conran Shop Chipolo Bluetooth tracker
Best tech and gadgets

A little over an inch acrossin size, this little thing can be attached to pretty much anything you want to leave behind somewhere, then when you have done, this gadget will let you track it down again using an app which is pretty easy.

4. Geneva Acustica Lounge Radio
Best tech and gadgets

The kind of radio which will make visitors go crazy and say “niiiiiiice” as they walk into your kitchen, then force them to put their fingers in their ears when you assault them with its superb bass system.

5. Fujifilm Instax Link Smartphone printer
Best tech and gadgets

It’s nice to have photos around the house – be it in your bedroom, drawing room or dining room, but you’re too busy to go to Snappy-Snaps and gluing your phone to the fridge with Instagram open which isn’t that much satisfying. So hook it up to the Instax printer to print off glossy mini-prints instead and put up the pictures wherever you want in your house.

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