The Story of the Colorful Stones & Jewelry

Everyone loves jewelry!
No, not just women, but men too love their kind of jewelry. Well, unless you’re the husband/father of a wife/daughter who spends a lot on jewelry.

Jewelry is the one thing that tends to introduce you to others before you even start speaking. Especially the jewelry that involves stones or rather gemstones to be more precise.
From your grandmother to a child, absolutely anyone can be gifted with these gemstones and they would always be welcomed with warm hugs along with a big smile.

Gemstones? What are they in jewelry?

Gemstones are the cut and refined mineral crystals which are used to make jewelry or embellishment. Sometimes they would also include certain rocks or organic materials like amber, pearl or jet. They are also referred to as a gem, jewel or fine gem.

Precious stones VS Semi-precious stones

Gemstones are usually divided into precious or semi-precious stones by the ancient Greeks which mostly involved two parameters – value and rarity. But this was just a marketing tactic which fooled a consumer based on the name and here’s why –

  • Value – A woman would think twice before purchasing a precious stone like diamond or ruby due to its high cost. Well, that won’t be an issue anymore since semi-precious stones are affordable. And much like a cherry on the cake, few semi-precious stones like Natural Pearls or Spinels are worth more than the precious stones.
  • Rarity – Semi-precious stones like Demantoid garnets or Tsavorite garnets can be rarer to find as well as harder to mine than the precious stones.
  • Nature – Yes, semi-precious stones, much like precious stones, are natural. They bear all the wear and tear underneath the earth.
  • Unique Identity – Usually people tend to consider semi-precious stones as an inexpensive imitation or replica of the precious stones. But clearly that isn’t the case. Every jewel is unique and they all have an emotional connect to the one who’s wearing it, the one who designed it and to the one who’s admiring it. 

The Precious stones –

More Insight –

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Few of the Semi-precious stones –

Yes, all these exciting new colors and options just for you. Remember, a gem cannot sparkle if it never sees the light. So, bring out the sparkle with the new generation semi-precious stones, specially designed for you.

Jewelry is like ice cream. There’s always room for more!

Thus, keep your memories alive and feel unique with these semi-precious stone jewelries.  After all, we all deserve new jewelry!
Also, if you’re a guy who tends to forget your anniversary date or anything, just get a grab on these stunning stones which would melt any woman. (It’ll be our tiny secret)


  1. I have a lot of stones like above and trying to find the market and buers I live in a small town and far from any of the places that do but them any suggestions on bulk buyers that travel I also got a new type of stone called carmal safire I’m pretty sure and trying to get it tested but I’m not of money but if interested please contact me at on email only serious gym buyers or graders !?

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