The Top Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram in 2019

Instagram is one of the famous applications which everyone uses. Here are the top most-followed celebrities on Instagram in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 188 million followers

The full name of the famous football player is Cristiano Ronaldo DOS Santos Aveiro. His first name is from the mother, and the second – the father, deciding to name his son in the honour of the President, Ronaldo Reagan. He became the owner of the” Golden ball” thrice as the best European player, and four times was awarded the”Golden boot” as well.

Selena Gomez: 159 million followers

At the age of 24, Selena Gomez is a famous singer, actress, composer and author of musical works as well. Alongside these, she was awarded the title of “goodwill Ambassador” UNICEF. All the photos of Selena Gomez, posted on her Instagram show subscribers how to look good anytime. That’s why her Instagram is one of the most popular than others.

Ariana Grande: 166 million followers

At such a young age of the American actress and singer, Ariana Grande became so famous with her unusual tone of voice. Her career stays between recording albums, filming movies and TV series, and even she still plays in the theatre.

Beyoncé: 134 million followers

Despite the shyness as a child, Beyonce became a known figure in the world of show business. She has sold tens of millions of her music albums, and she has also been awarded a Grammy award many times. According to music critics, beyoncé is one of those singers who strongly influenced the musical style and made a significant name in popular music.

Kim Kardashian: 151 million followers

Famous star Kimberly Noel Kardashian has already a huge number of followers. The image of the stars of the popular reality show “keeping up with the Kardashians” and “dancing with the stars” creates a huge excitement among fans and that helps her to get so much followers.

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