The ultimate guide for choosing the best outfit for your body type

How often we think that certain clothes make us look fatter or shorter than we actually are and do not suit our body type. Well, that is true as the silhouettes of our outfits can have different effects on different body types. Selecting the right outfit is however not as complex as it may seem. Here is a guide to help you understand your body type and decide the best outfits that accentuate those curves and compliment your body.

 The apple shaped body type

It is also known as the inverted triangle body type. This is a well proportionate body type with shoulders wider than the hips. This body type does not have a well-defined waist and is slightly less curvy around the hips. Since most of the weight is concentrated above the torso, the idea is to accentuate the strengths. A-line cuts are the ideal for this figure. You can dress up in layers or wear flowy tops to shift the focus. For bottoms, you can go for flared bottoms, palazzos or any loose bottoms to create a balance.

The pear shaped body type

In contrast with the apple shape, pear shaped body type is heavier below the torso. The waist and hips are wider than the bust and shoulders for this type. With the right type of styling, you can create an illusion of an hourglass shape. To create the balance, you can go for ruffled tops and puffed shoulder tops and A-line dresses. For bottoms you can go for A-line skirts, skinny jeans as well as wide legged pants.

The hour glass shaped body type

This body type is the most balanced of all body types. The body is perfectly curvy above and below the torso with a well-defined waistline. The appropriate dress would be one that accentuates the perfect waistline you’ve got. You can go for body hugging dresses and for other outfits that focus on your waist like bodycon tops and crop tops. To further flaunt that waist, you can also wear a belt with your outfits.

The rectangle shaped body type

It is also called as the athletic shaped body type or the straight body type. This body type is characterised by the same sized hips and shoulders and a less defined waist. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the body. Arms and legs are the strengths of this body type and should be flaunted. You can go for dresses that define your bottom and neckline. Strapless, sleeveless and spaghetti tops are your thing. You can also go for outerwear like blazers and shrugs to enhance the look.

There’s so much fashion out there so no matter what body type you have, there are plenty of clothes to make you look the best.

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