The Valentine’s Week 2021: From Rose Day to Valentine’s Day

The most romantic month of the year, February has begun! Couples across the world eagerly wait for the Valentine’s week to start off with expressing their feelings for their loved ones.

The week consists of 8 days starting from Rose day, ending at Valentine’s day.

Let us have a detailed look at this week and what does every day reflect.

Day 1: February 7 : Rose Day
Rose day is the first day of the Valentine’s week on which, people give roses to their loved ones as rose is the symbol of love.

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Day 2 : February 8 : Propose Day
As named, propose day is a day dedicated to confess feelings for the loved one. On this day, people propose whom they love and ask them to be their forever.

Day 3: February 9 : Chocolate Day
Chocolate is the sweetest thing available. On this day, couples and loves ones exchange chocolates with each other in a hope of making their bond as sweet as chocolates.

Day 4: February 10 : Teddy Day
Teddy is the cutest and softest toy, loved by almost all women. Mostly men celebrate this day by gifting cute teddies to their girlfriends and wives.

Day 5: February 11 : Promise Day
Promise day is a day of making promises to be there on each other’s side forever, no matter what they are going through. This Promise day, tell your partner how precious they are to them and that you won’t ever leave them alone.

Day 6: February 12 : Hug Day
Hug is the sweetest gesture witnessed. Hugging your partner can give you the most precious feeling on this earth and make your partner feel what you feel for them. So, go ahead and hug your loved ones this Hug day.

Day 7: February 13 : Kiss Day
Kiss is yet another sweet gesture after hug. Once your partner or loved one is comfortable, kiss them on the forehead or cheeks or lips to make them feel romantic and immense in you.

Day 8: February 14: Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s day is the most awaited of all the days of this month. Couples across the world celebrate this day by going on date with their valentine and celebrate their love with full excitement and zeal.

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