These 7 Cities have the Best Street Food

Street food has become a well-known cuisine these days. The variety of food available in the various streets of this world, is huge. So here is a look at some of the top cities that provides some of the best street food cuisines!

#1 Tokyo, Japan

Japanese food is ridiculously delicious, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Tokyo on this list. While Tokyo lacks the large, dedicated street food markets a la Singapore and Bangkok, what it does offer is of the highest quality. There are the usual suspects (ramen, sushi, sashimi), and there is also a wide variety of experimental fusion dishes such as crepes and korokke, as well as ocean-fresh seafood.


Where to eat: Tsukiji market, Memory Lane in Shinjuku, Ramen street in Chiyodo.

What to eat: Takoyaki, korokke, ramen, miso soup, yakitori, yumcha.

#2 Penang, Malaysia

Malaysian cuisine bears influences from Thailand, China, India and Indonesia, thanks in no small part to its location as the central hub of trade and commerce throughout South Asia.

Penang, located on the northwest coast of the Malaysian peninsula, is the culinary capital of Malaysia and one of the finest street food destinations in the world. It is also a ridiculously beautiful city that is still unmarred by heavy tourism.

Where to eat: Gurney drive, Chinatown, Lebuh Kimerley

What to eat: Curry mee, popiah, nasi kandar, rojak, hokkien mee

#3 New Delhi, India

Street food is ubiquitous in India and very, very different from the curries, biryanis and naans commonly found in Indian restaurants. The Indian street food staple, called ‘chaat’, usually includes a variety of savory dishes made from deep fried dough, potatoes, and spices.

As the capital city, New Delhi is ground-zero for foodies. It is also the best place to experiment with street food. Though hygiene and food safety remains an issue, if you’re willing to brave it, a street food tour of New Delhi will be the highlight of your Indian experience.


Where to eat: Chandni Chowk, provided you can brave the crowds.

What to eat: Dahi-papdi chaat, gol-gappa, raj-kachori, kulfi-faluda.

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#4 Mexico City, Mexico

Street food is ubiquitous in Mexico City, especially in its busy, cacophonous markets. This is where you can sample hard to find Mexican dishes such as pambazos along with traditional favorites like tamales and tacos, eaten traditionally, just like the locals.

The best place to sample the mind-bogglingly tastes and textures of Mexican cuisine, of course, is Mexico City, itself.

Where to eat: Mercado San Juan, Colonia Polanco, Condesa neighborhood market, Arcos de Belen

What to eat: Huaraches, tacos de canasta, tortas, carnitas, pambazos, flautas

#5 Brussels, Belgium

Brussels does waffles so well that there’s literally a waffle named after the city (called “Brussels waffle”, of course). You can find food trucks selling this delicious doughy concoction topped with fruits, nuts, chocolate and Nutella all over the city.

And if you ever get tired of waffles, there’s also some great local cuisine to be had, along with some famous Belgian chocolate and beer. Although it’s not as cheap as Bangkok or Penang, street food in Brussels is affordable enough, at least by European standards.

Where to eat: Food trucks often change their locations (‘El Camion’, ‘The Petit Nuage’ and ‘Keep on Toasting’ are some local favorites), but you can usually find them around Place Van Meenen, Square du Vieux, etc.

What to eat: Waffles, waterzool, smoutebollen, Belgian frites

#6 Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s capital city gets millions of tourists each year, not a few of which come here for the food. Food in Bangkok is ridiculously cheap, street food even more so (a bowl of Tom Yum Goong soup: $1, fish cakes: $1.50). It is also ubiquitous throughout the city; you can barely find a street without a vendor selling some ridiculously tasty Thai delicacy.


Where to eat: Chinatown (Yawolat), Victory Monument, Lumphini Park, Charoen Krung Road

What to eat: Roasted duck, moo ping (grilled pork), oyster omelette, fish tom yum noodles, grilled banana

#7 street, Turkey

Since we touched upon eating doner kebabs in Berlin, we have to include the city that gave birth to this delicious meat sandwich: Istanbul.

Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world if you like your food cheap, quick, ridiculously delicious and fresh off a hawker cart. There are food carts nearly everywhere, especially around crowded inner-city market areas. There’s Istanbul’s famous doner kebab, of course, but there are also varieties of pastries, breads and beverages.

Where to eat: Anywhere around busy markets in the city.

What to eat: Simit, lahmacun, durum, borek, doner kebab.


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