These Bridges Makes You Wanna Touch The Sky!

Who doesn’t like to go via a bridge?
Bridges showcases a pathway for us to reach our heights (of success). Some people love the bridges so much that they end up travelling all the way just to visit the bridges. These bridges tend to show the dream-vibe to touch the sky to many.

Hence, here are some highest bridges across the world that will surely give you travel goals.

#1 Millau Viaduct in France

With a height of 1,104 ft, the bridge is the tallest one in the entire world. Located in the communes of Creissels and Millau, this has been awarded by the prestigious International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, the Outstanding Structure Award in 2006. The cable-stayed bridge has been designed and planned by architect Lord Norman Foster and engineer  Michel Virlogeux.

#2 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge in Turkey

With more than 1,056 ft of height, this is the second tallest bridge of the world. This suspension bridge passes over the Bosphorus strait, with the Black Sea nearby. The designers of the bridge are Jean-François Klein and Michel Virlogeux. It was opened for public in 2016. During its initial days, the bridge was known as the Third Bosphorus Bridge.

#3 Russky Bridge in Russia

This cable-stayed bridge joining the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula and Russky Island was opened in 2012. The construction is maintained and supervised by SK MOST as well as NPO Mostovik. With 4 lanes on it, the bridge is around 1,053 ft tall; hence rightly claiming the third position in regards to the highest bridges of the world.

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#4 Sutong Yangtze River Bridge in China

Running between Changshu and Nantong, the bridge is a cable-stayed one with a height of 1,004 ft. The bridge is being used since 2008.  The stunning construction has been awarded by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2010. Also, the award was named Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement.

#5 Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong

The cable-stayed bridge is 978 ft high and has been operational since 2009. It has two bridge towers, one in the Stonecutters Island and the other one being in Tsing Yi Island. Besides being the fifth highest bridge in the world, this one has another record in its kitty for having the third longest cable-stayed span.

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