These Food Trends are a Must Try!

Diets are something that almost everyone is following these days. More like a trend. But these 4 food trends mentioned here are more into a specific trend rather than following a particular trend. So read on to find out more.

#1 Intuitive Eating –

This is a non-diet eating style that rejects traditional diet culture of restriction and replaces it with being more mindful and aware of your body’s wants and needs. While the idea of giving your body what it wants based on internal cues seems pretty novel, it might not be for every athlete.

The more serious you are about meeting your athletic potential, the less likely intuitive eating will benefit you. Athletes need to pay attention to specific nutrient markers to best fuel performances and promote recovery, which can be missed by simply doing what your body wants in the moment. Athletic training can also skew normal internal cues, like hunger, that intuitive eating relies on, which might lead to eating far less or more than you really need. The bottom line is to be mindful yet pay attention to the numbers, not just your feelings when it comes to your fitness diet.

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#2 Healthy Delivery –

Ditching traditional greasy take-out to focus on your health no longer means slaving in the kitchen for hours on end. This year has brought a wave of health-inspired meal delivery options to keep you fit, nourished and on-the-go. Skip the store by taking a quick trip online to select groceries to be delivered to your door. Sign up for a subscription like Daily Harvest or The Feed that will keep your kitchen stocked with options to fuel your workouts, or allow you to prepare with limited time and effort for healthful meals in a hurry. Athletes take advantage of modern technology in many ways to improve performance, and this should be no exception. Because of this, you can spend more time focused on your training without sacrificing nutrition.

#3 Beverages –

Cold brews enhanced with shrooms, probiotic kombuchas, golden lattes and endless varieties of water (collagen infused, pH balanced, etc.); there is no shortage of trendy beverages on the market right now. While these drinks are colorful, tasty and fun to try, they likely do nothing more than drain your wallet. There is no research to support that the amount of functional “health supporting” ingredients found in these drinks does anything for the body. Many of these drinks are actually pretty high in sugar, chemicals or calories. So if you enjoy trying the latest beverage, aim to make it an occasional indulgence and sip strategically. For example, if an enhanced water helps you hydrate more, awesome! If a high-cal turmeric smoothie helps you meet your energy needs, drink up! But don’t go overboard.

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Navaneetha Suresh

Navaneetha Suresh

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