Things Anxiety Makes You Do

Anxiety can make you do a lot of things that you aren’t habitual of doing on a daily basis. There are things that can make you land in trouble, but your state of mind can compel you to do it. In this article, we have curated a few things that you do due to anxiety and get blamed and criticized for it.

Delay in reply

Social media can connect the people sitting in different parts of the world. It is also a medium which many of us uses to talk to our friends, relatives, or acquaintances. People with anxiety sometimes find it difficult to reply to a message or call on time. You don’t feel like starting a conversation for hours or sometimes for days at a time. This can result in you coming across as rude or unprofessional to the other person.


You tend to overthink about each and everything around you. You have the tendency to read too much into things and overanalyze almost everything and anything. You are more prone to looking at the negative things instead of the positive ones. Overthinking can also result in you criticizing everything in life.

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You appear fussy about everything in life. People think that you are always trying to find faults in your surroundings or social events. You can also come across as a rude person who tries to find faults in everything. You look too much into the detailing of everything.

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