Things Favorite Child Might Suffer After Growing up

Many of us have grown up with siblings. It is unlikely for the parents to show any biasedness towards a particular child from the siblings. The parents generally love all their children equally. However, there have been cases when the parents differentiated between their children and loved one child way more than any other child. This isn’t a healthy practice to follow as it can affect the mental peace and health of all the family. Also, the favored child might develop certain habits that can trouble them in the long run.

Difficulty dealing with failure

The child who was favored all the time naturally develops the habit of getting everything easily in life. Thus, they suffer a lot when they grow up as life isn’t a bed of roses. Also, such people have a hard time accepting failures. For the larger pas=rt of the time, they are in a denial that they can’t fail.

Struggle to find their own personality

The favored child lived a relatively sheltered life and it won’t be wrong to say that they were their parents’ pet. Thus, such children have personality issues when they grow up. They struggle to find their individuality away from their parents. It takes them time to adapt to the cruel world and they are often very high on self-confidence.

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Harder time detaching with family

Such people are a little too emotional and sensitive for their liking. They also have a deep attachment with their family and find it tough to part ways with them. No matter how much they grow, such people fear living alone and always want to stay close to their families.

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