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From the very start, I remember every man in my life telling me that communication is the way. But over my time dealing with women from different states, cities. nationalities I have figured out something. Communication might be the best policy but there are few things that no women, in general, do not want men to know.

No, no don’t worry these ain’t some ancient techniques I am talking about. These are a few so call open secrets which you will know if you can find out on your own or by getting someone’s knowledge.  These are things about how to deal with them and maybe they help you in your relationships navigate a little better. Less stress and more fun is our motto here. So without further adieu let’s get this going.
1) Women have Lower Expectations than what you think – You ask a woman what type of a man she wants and most of them have one standard answer:  Tall. Rich. Handsome. Ambitious. bla bla bla. But do all of them get this type of a man !!!?? . The answer is NO. The point is, most of the women will settle for someone less. The real truth is you will see this woman dating an ugly dude, who has little to even no money and even sometimes struggles to find a stable job.
Usually, many women end up with them. So don’t hold yourself back if you are one of those guys. Chances are she herself does not know what she wants and is super confused. She does not have her shit together. Jump in and you just might get that girl. If you do not have your life together still go for it. I have seen plenty of women dating such dudes. Don’t hold yourself back, guys.
2)  Women don’t forget anything – In Hollywood movies you have must heard this line for sure,” anything and everything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law”.  This is exactly the way women work. They will not and won’t forget anything. She might forget to do something. But if you did something wrong or if you said something, she will make a mental note. What I would suggest is do not fuck things up unless you really have to say it.
She will keep it inside her head. After 2 weeks, months or even a year she can and will bring it up and use it against you in a random fight. You will be taken by surprise. But yes, she still remembers.  Every single word you said that day. Every single thing you ever did, she has made a note of it. So be cautious.
3) You cannot fix everything. She is not practical  – As a BF and as a Husband I am guilty of doing this. We men are problem solvers and you actually think you can solve everything. But what I have learnt the hard way is that you need to pick your battles. There will be times when you have to let her be. She should be good enough to solve her own battles if she does not want to share .
Do the help if she asks for it. If you see that she needs help, by all means, go ask. help. But if she says no, then just back off. Let her manage her own crisis.  You have to accept the fact that she will get over it at some point and we will get going.
4) Women will not wait forever –  It’s mostly the men who keep waiting but usually women don’t. Women, in general, will hit the patience peak very quickly. She will tell herself enough is enough. If he cannot commit then I need to get moving. All of them have a survivor feeling and mentality. They will do it. It’s not like they cannot be patient. They can be but if they feel you don’t want to commit and you don’t want to deal with this, she is out.
And that’s why you have to decide guys. If you really want LTR or not. Because she at the end of the day needs it. And  She will find it if not you. If her motto is commitment then you cannot just keep her hanging. She will eventually find it and leave one day.
5) Grass Ain’t greener on the other side – One thing which ruins 99% of the relationships is this thought. Your friends and you start feeling that you deserve better. Unless you have some serious issues please remember everyone has flaws. If you can live with this girl just do it. For every flaw, you see in her count two positives. If your list of positives is higher than flaws and they are not deal breaker then stay.
Nobody knows what you might get after her. If she is a mental crazy psycho narcissistic biatch like mine by all means search for a new one. But if she loves you, cares for you and most importantly respects you then stay with her.
6) Every woman is Insecure – Every human being is insecure. Even men are. We all have some level of trigger points but I have seen in my experience that women are. Many super successful women are as well insecure. In this modern age of social media, the pressure on women is huge. She has to look good, feel good and do a lot more. I am not a fan of such women but you have to go with how today’s world is real. This makes a lot of insecure women.
If you want to deal with women you have to learn how to tackle this. Do not go saying and thinking that you can find a lady without insecurities.  The reason why you cannot do it is that they do not exist. Every single one of them has it. Find there’s.
7) She wants you to make her feel special – All of the women in the world want men to make her feel special, wanted, belonged. She wants to hear compliments, some need gifts, etc etc. But the point is to keep your guard and make her reciprocate these gestures. I made the mistake of ignoring them. My ex GF and wife never gave me a gift and I gave her everything. So do not be a fool like me and watch her.
Make her feel nice every now and then and see if a normal person will give you back. Just tell her she is looking beautiful. Buy her flowers and maybe cook for her once in a while. All this go a long way. But make sure her values and core beliefs match with you. Otherwise, all this will go in vain.
Also, remember that a woman who is stuck in her past and can never be or make you happy. No matter how much you love her. No matter how much work you are willing to do on yourself or on your relationship. If she loved her ex and you know she did, think 10times before jumping in it. I was warned by many and to this date, she does not even know that her very EX told me not to. I took the leap of faith thinking my love would change it all. I was not just proved wrong but it turned out to be absolutely disastrous.  Anything mentioned above will work and is only for normal, empathetic human beings.
I guess this is it from my knowledge transfer book today. Do let me know if I missed something or if you want to add something to the list.

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