Things Teenagers Must Know About Sex

Sex is something that has different meanings to different people. As teenagers, many get attracted to the idea of having sex but it is important you are aware of the below-listed things.


One of the most important things is consent. Always remember that for having sex, two individuals are required. Thus the permission of both individuals is needed to do the task.  Sex can never be forced and should happen with mutual consent only. In addition, another important thing is respect. It is important that you respect your partner and their thoughts when you are in a relationship.

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Peer Pressure

There are many who have sex just to look cool in front of their friends. However, this is not the way. You should never give in to sex just because of peer pressure. Your friends have also done it isn’t a valid reason to indulge in sex. You should do the act only when you feel confident and have a good partner.

Sex doesn’t change your values

You don’t become a bad person by having sex. There is nothing wrong with it and thus you should not be embarrassed about it. So, don’t give anyone the right to question morals just because you had sex. Having sex or not doesn’t make any difference to your upbringing and values.

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