Things that Happen in Casual Dating

More often than not we confuse casual dating with a serious relationship. There is a lot of difference between casually dating somebody or being in a serious relationship. In this article, we reflect on the things that tell you that you are casually dating instead of being in a serious relationship.

You like more than one person

Casual dating can be more like having a crush on the other person or doing a time-pass. You don’t feel for your partner from the bottom of your heart. You are with each other only for hanging out and having someone to talk to. People practicing casual dating are often confused about the idea of love and they can feel for more than one person at the same time.

Blame Game

In a casual dating phase, you are more self-obsessed with yourself. You don’t give much importance to the feeling and emotions of the other person. You are always busy with your own self. Also, if something goes wrong, both the partners are ready to put blame on each other. In simple words, you don’t take your relationship or your partner seriously.

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They are not special for you

The person whom you love is the most special person in your life. However, if you are in a casual relationship, then the chances are high that you don’t give any special attention to your partner. You treat them the same way you treat your close friends. Also, you are with them only till the time everything is happening at your convenience.

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