Things that Kill Relationships

It takes years or months to build a successful and healthy relationship. However, sometimes all it takes is a small misunderstanding or a mistake to spoil the entire relation. In this article, we discuss things that slowly and gradually kill a happy relationship.

Unresolved past trauma

We often take our past very lightly. It is always better to move on in life from your horrific past. However, you should always have closure with your past no matter how traumatizing it is. Ignoring unresolved past trauma can do you more harm than good. Also, it can negatively affect your personal life.

Inability to express

It is often said that actions are stronger than words. There is no doubt that actions have a long-lasting effect as it shows how genuine and sincere you are. However, one can’t undermine the words. A relation requires both partners to be expressive about their love and feelings. Not vocalizing your feelings can increase the distance between you and your partner.

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Lack of communication in a relationship

Communication is very important in any relationship. You should be able to talk with your partner about anything and everything. Not having healthy communication can give birth to misunderstandings and fights in a relation. You should always talk to your partner about the things you feel are going right or wrong in your relationship.

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