Things that Show Fear of Commitment

In the modern era, it is often witnessed that the people aren’t very warm to the idea of commitment as they often like to live the lives of their own will without any responsibility or duties. However, the thinking of never settling down by not showing any kind of commitment is not very appealing. In this article, let’s discuss ways through which one can diagnose if they have a fear of commitment.

Finding flaws

It is generally noted that the person who doesn’t want to commit anything starts finding flaws in another person as they are always on the hunt of looking at the reasons citing which they can leave the relationship. Such people are likely to make the other person in the relationship a scapegoat while the problem lies within them.

Demanding control

The people who fear commitment tend to show themselves as dominating and demanding personalities. They like having control over their every relationship so that they decided its pace and can leave a relationship whenever they wish to.

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Limiting the communication

The people who fear commitment tend to cut down all the communication with their significant other when they feel that things are getting serious and the other person will now have expectations from them. Also, such kind of people generally doesn’t fancy an open or heartfelt talk as they are scared of showing their fears to other people. Also, they are quite pro at manipulating the conversations according to their own likes and taste.


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