Things to consider before buying Shoes

Buying a pair of shoes isn’t as easy as we consider it. Our footwear directly affects our movement and comfort. We must consider certain things before buying a pair of shoes.

1- Decide purpose
Why do you want to buy shoes? Where do you wish to wear in? Do you want it for everyday use or occasionally? First ask these questions to yourself and get the purpose out! These questions will directly affect what you buy. For instance for daily wear, casual shoes may work. For workout, sports shoes ofcourse. And for formal wear, loafers can’t beat any other.

2-Quality comes with price
Do not be miser while buying shoes. You don’t buy twenty different pairs of shoes. So, whatever you buy must be good in quality. This one time investment will reward you for years, if rightly done.

3- Don’t assume size
Don’t simply guess your size and order shoes. If buying online, measure your shoe size by considering the local size guide and go through the size chart before placing order. Size may vary place to place and even company to company. Thus, you should try to buy shoes directly from shop.

4-Try on both shoes
When buying shoes from a store, wear both and walk a little distance to get an actual look as well as comfort while you wear it. Don’t simply buy it after seeing it or wearing in one foot. For online purchase, be careful with it’s return or exchange policy and try it well to see if you need to get it changes.

5-Prioritize your comfort
No matter how much you love a piece, don’t buy it if it’s not comfortable. It’s style and design won’t affect you as much as how you feel while wearing it. It’s comfort must be your priority over looks or trend.

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