Things to Keep in Mind When You Start Dating

Each of us is fascinated by the idea of being in a relationship. What in a relationship attracts the human being the most is having a person by our side who will love us unconditionally and will be there with us in every step of life. However, before you get into a relationship and start dating, here are a few things that you should keep in a mind

Worry more about yourself

While being in a relationship, we are often paranoid about whether we will be able to be a good partner for our significant other. We are more focused on molding ourselves according to the likes and choices of our partners. However, before you start worrying about whether your partner will like you or not, you should focus more on whether you like your partner or not.


Stop taking every rejection by heart.  There are times when rejection feels like a personal attack and we feel that there is something wrong with us. However, you should know that rejection is not as personal as it feels. If your love interest or your crush has rejected you, this means that they have different choices and looking out for something else. It doesn’t mean that there is some fault in you as it is more about compatibility.

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Nothing is perfect

You should remember that there is nothing like perfection. The idea of being perfect to be loved is completely flawed.  If someone wants you to be perfect for them to love you, then understand that you two aren’t meant for each other. True love is when you accept someone with all their flaws and inhibitions.

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