Things to know before having intercourse for the first time

First intercourse is exciting but also full of nervousness. There are a few thing everyone should know before having first intercourse. Following are these:

1. Virginity
The concept of virginity differs from person to person. For some it is broken once you have vaginal penetration, while for others it may be having any kind of sex such as oral, anal or vaginal. But not necessarily every girl is born with it, and the hymen can break even by exercising at early age. So, you can’t judge if a woman is virgin, and you need not to.

2. Pain
Having intercourse for first time may be painful. You can expect being in discomfort. However, it if causes much pain, you should consider giving yourself time.

3. Ovulation
You should keep this in mind that you may get pregnant on having sex. The highest chances of Pregnancy is on 14th day of your periods and days around it. So, for least chances, have it during your menstruation or you should consider using protection.

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4. Real vs Reel
You may be expecting to have a sex as pleasant as in pictures or porn videos, but in real life and especially first time, it will not be the case. So, do not over expect and and have fun.

5. Lubricant
Although vagina released natural liquid, but if it doesn’t or it feels to dry or causes discomfort, you can use lubricant and then do it.

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