Things to Never Say to Someone Going Through a Divorce

It is time that society should accept that getting divorced is okay. There are times when your acquaintance or close friends are going through a divorce and you want to comfort and be there for them. However, you end up speaking things that may hurt their emotional being. Here are the things you should never say to someone who is going through a divorce. 

“How can you do that to your kids?”

If two people involved in a marriage are heading towards divorce, then they must have weighed on all the pros and cons. Thus, don’t try to ridicule them or demotivate them by asking stupid questions like what will have to their kids. Studies suggest that sometimes divorce is the best thing for kids as it saves them from seeing daily fights or conflicts between their parents.


“That would never happen to us”

You need to understand that divorce can happen to anyone, even someone who thinks they are in a happy marriage. So don’t try to comfort them by saying that their marriage was different or something. Dr. Walker advises: “In order to be a supportive friend, we need to sift through our own issues, beliefs, and automatic assumptions and remember that what we think we know isn’t necessarily true. And that supporting our friend through a trying time means suspending our reactions and following their lead,”.

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“He’s a jerk”

Don’t try to demean the person your friend once had a relationship with. Though blaming the other person might sound convenient, it can have a negative effect as your friend might feel that they don’t know how to judge a person’s character. This can demotivate them for the future and they will think twice in the future before laying their trust on someone else.

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