Things to Not Do in an Interview

Giving an interview can be a nervy moment for any person out there. You can be stressed and nervous as it can impact your professional career in both a positive and negative manner. There are many times when you make a lot of silly mistakes that result in you failing the interview despite being one of the best candidates. In this article, we discuss some of the mistakes you should never commit in an interview.


One of the major aspects of giving a good interview is proper research. It is always better to research the company you are interviewing for. You should be well versed with the role you are applying for along with having a brief idea about the history, founders, values, and mission of the company. Not knowing about the company can put a bad impression in front of the interviewer.

Body Language

While appearing for an interview, you should be on your best behavior. The person taking the interview takes note of your every move be it your body language, posture, or confidence. You should maintain a good posture and should avoid practices like fidgeting, yawning, and using your hand a lot. Also, you should always make eye contact as it oozes confidence and good character.

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One of the worst things you can do in an interview is brag. Don’t over exaggerate your achievements or grades as it can put a bad impression. Also, you should never lie about your skills or certificates. The person sitting in front of you can easily detect your lie and none of your petty excuses will save you. You should not force the interviewer to hire you as it can make you look desperate. With your behavior, you can also make them uneasy or uncomfortable.

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