Things to talk to your crush

Meeting crush is way too exciting. When you meet your crush, you get butterflies and hammer a lot, you blush and you freeze and ultimately you forget what to talk about. It will eventually make you regret for being so silly. But you need not to worry. We are here to suggest you what you should talk about to keep the conversation going.
Just remember, the aim is to keep them engaged and interested in you!

1- Talk about dreams- what is that they want to fulfil.

2- Discuss about your career goals- what they wish to achieve.

3- Ask about their family- members, close ones, whom they love the most

4- Be curious to know about their interests.

5- Talk about politics or movies, whatever they are interested in.

6- If travelling interested them, ask them about their past destinations ans experience and where they would want to go next?

7- Discuss about past relationships- why did you breakup? What was wrong?

8- Talk romantically about sex.

9- Discuss about the life happenings of your mutual friends .

10- Ask them about their type of partner.

11- Know their daily routine and what they enjoy doing.

12- Tell them about your choices and what annoys you.

13- Ask about their hobbies and skills.

14- Discuss about role of actors in movies.

15- Give them some advice and personal opinion.

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