Things You Have Not Been Taught About Relationships

There is no doubt that you might be knowing hundreds of things about relationships. However, there are some things that we have heard about relationships that are completely false. Living in a world of social media, movies, and books, we often assume relationships as a cakewalk where we are required to behave a certain way and nothing goes wrong. However, this is not how real-life functions.

In this article, let’s take a look at things you have not been taught about relationships

Change your partner

This is one of the biggest delusions a person has that if a relationship they have the power of changing a person. You should know that nobody changes for anyone in their life, if they do so then they do it for their own selves. Thus you shouldn’t enter into a relationship with somebody whose habits or behavior you can’t survive with the thought that you will bring a change in them. Similarly, you shouldn’t consider it your responsibility to change, save or fix that person. You aren’t their caretaker or guardian to be responsible for everything that they do in life. 

Silencing your voice

Never ever silence yourself or let someone else silence your voice as you as an individual have all the rights to speak your mind. Being in a relation doesn’t mean that you are liable to follow everything that the other person says. At the same time, it doesn’t also mean that both of you should be adamant in your stance as that is not going to take you anywhere. Instead have conversations like adults and keep your point of view calmly with an open mind.

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Trying to someone else

The first rule of any relationship is honesty. If you aren’t practicing honesty, then there’s something you aren’t doing right or there is something wrong in your relationship that refrains from being your true self. Not being honest also means portraying yourself as someone who is not the actual you. 

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