Things You Must Carry in Your Handbag

We all live a busy life wherein we try our best to juggle lots of different things. Also, there is a constant feeling of being prepared for any situation that comes our way and always look our best throughout the day. In all the chaos of life, I’m sure you would not want your bag to be a mess. Your purse is a perfect storage place for all the probable things you could need in a day. However, the question that must be haunting your brain is what and how to pack your daily use handbag. The space is limited and you need to keep everything important in that small bag of yours. Listed below are the few things that you must have in your bag before leaving your home. 


  • A pack of tissues

A small pack of tissues can be beneficial in maintaining your personal day to day hygiene. This thing can come handy when there is an accidental spill, unexpected cold or to simply clean your hands or face after a meal in the absence of water around. 

  • Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer is an essential item considering the present scenario. There are lots of things or places that you touch or visit in a day which can result in you coming in contact with viruses or germs. Though it isn’t a replacement for washing hands, it can be very useful in your daily life. 

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  • A cosmetic pouch

To all the girls out there, a mini cosmetic pouch is a must for you to carry everywhere and anywhere you go. The pouch should include a body perfume, a hairband, a safety pin, lip gloss, and an eyeliner. The safety pins can be of great help in case a part of your dress gets torn or the stitching gets misplaced. Also, all the other things that make your cosmetic pouch can come handy in case of an emergency or unexpected outing. 

  • Earphones

Music forms an integral part of all our lives and helps us in being calm and composed in stressful situations. Also, it acts as an instant remedy if you are having a bad day or are undergoing an anxiety attack. Music has a soothing effect on our body and soul. It helps us to get away from the realities of life for a small-time. Therefore, having a set of earphones in your bag is a must. 

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