Things You Should Never do in a Relationship

For a successful relationship both the partners should be equally involved in it and should be willing to give it their best shot. However, there are certain things that you should never do while being in a relationship if you want a happily ever after with your partner.

Mobile Phone

Though we live in a digital world where having a mobile phone is a must, make sure that you don’t make it your top priority. You should know that you have a life and partner outside your cell phone. The most prevalent habit that sinks relationships is keeping your cell phone on, and looking at it every time it makes a noise while you’re with your partner. You should most probably switch off your phone or keep it away from your reach when you are spending some quality time with your other half. This would ensure that your whole attention is on them and not on someone else.


Being jealous

It is a general notion that being jealous of your partner’s opposite sex friends or work colleagues is a sign of true love. However, this is not the case. Instead jealousy within relationships only reflects your insecurity and lack of trust. Being extremely jealous or possessive about your significant other can harm your relationship as it will make them feel suffocated. The solution for this is communication. If you have any insecurity or fear about your relationship, then have a chat with your partner and make them aware about your problems.

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Lacking communication

The basic mantra of a healthy and successful relationship is effective communication. There should be transparency in your relationship. No having a healthy communication with your partner can cause feelings of resentment, misunderstanding, hurt, and feeling unappreciated. No matter how big or small the matter is, you should always talk about them when the timing is right. Share with your partner about what is going on with you daily. These communications skills can help improve the dialogue with your partner

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