One of the toughest and most scary part for most of the people is meeting the parents of their partner. The age gap, cultural differences etc. can lead to a negative impression and take-away your future. Not scaring you, it isn’t as complicated. Just read through and know what all things you must not do on your first meet with partner’s parents:

  1. Don’t reveal too much

I’m not being narrow-minded by helping you out! The generation and cultural differences can lead you in trouble. If you aren’t sure of the choices of his parents and want to play safe, dress decently. Once you feel like they are okay with no matter what you wear, you can feel comfortable wearing it.


  1. Don’t drink

No matter how many times you got drunk with your bae, don’t drink on your first meet with your partner’s parents. Not necessarily they feel comfortable with it. However, if they offer you, you can take but ensure that you don’t have too much of it.

  1. Don’t act too romantic

Maybe you kiss your partner on every visit and lie on bed with them for hours. But if you do the same in front of their parents, it may make them feel awkward. You need to understand that they expect someone who could care for them as well as their child more than being romantically close.

  1. Don’t dominate conversations

You may be advised to not stay quiet. But this doesn’t mean you should keep on talking and not give them a chance to speak. Also try to initiate conversations about them instead of your friends and family.

  1. Don’t act childish

Every parent expects their children to settle with someone who is mature enough to handle them as well as the homely responsibilities and family. Acting childish can make them consider you less responsible or serious person.

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