Things You Should Never Google

In this era of technology, Google is our answer for every question. From food recipes or tutorials to assignments, or banking, we tend to Google everything. But while surfing on this search engine one should not forget that it is just an online platform where there are certain websites that offer us the information we need. There is no credibility of almost all the information you find on Google.

Avoid spiraling down the dark hole of Internet searches and creating unnecessary stress for yourself by skipping these keywords and things you should not Google.


  • Health Symptoms

Though there are many websites that specialize in the medical field, the chances of them being managed by medical professionals. Thus, one should not completely rely on the information available on such sites. Instead you should make sure to visit a doctor in case your situation is serious. Also, googling your symptoms can sometimes make you feel worse and panicked.

  • Online Banking Websites

It is highly advisable to not search for your bank’s official website on Google unless you know about the exact URL of the website. This is because chances of phishing increases drastically as you might enter your bank’s login ID and password on a website that may just look like the bank’s official website and could be a phishing site instead. The news of fraudsters trapping people in an online scam is not new.

  • Anything Criminal

You can be in serious trouble if you try to search things like “how to make bombs”, “how to join terror groups” or anything related to these kinds of offences. Your intentions may be clear and you search all this just out of pure curiosity. But the security control always keep a track of such websites and searches and can track you down using your IP address.

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  • Dangerous animals

There are a lot of terrifying animals breathing on our planet Earth. Your encounter with such creatures online may result in you developing a new phobia or sleepless nights due to fear. Moreover, such a phobia may discourage you from traveling.

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