Things You Should Never Text Your Ex

Breakups are difficult and that’s no news. Sometimes all you wish is to forget every negative thing and run back to your ex. Moving on from a person can be harder than it seems. Also, sometimes you undergo emotional turmoil after a bad breakup. If at times you can’t curb the urge to text your ex, then you must know the things you should never text them.


  • I am depressed

Never try to play the sympathy card while trying to bring someone back in your life. It will only tell how vulnerable you are without them and this will provide your ex the key to your life. Instead take a small break away from all those haunting memories. Clear your thoughts and then make a decision. Also, if your ex is good enough to be back in your life by seeing your depressed condition, it will be out of pity and never out of love. You would not be able to find that emotional connection like before.

  • Can we at least be friends?

Having any kind of bond with your ex right after you too broke up is always a bad idea. You should stay away from them for a while and should never ask for friendship if you still harbour romantic feelings for them. Try as hard as you want, but you won’t be able to hang out with them like friends. You should try to give yourself space to put your emotions in place and get over that relationship phase.

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  • You are the worst decision of my life

Sending degrading and demeaning texts to your ex is a very bad idea. It will not help you win them back. Also, it will project you in a bad light. Your ex can also think that you are still emotionally invested in him/her and can’t get over it. By saying that they are the worst decision of your life, you are only throwing away any chance of being seen by your ex as a high-value person.

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