Things You Should Stop Doing

Human beings are more likely to ignore their own feelings and how they feel about things. People are more inclined towards looking at the discomfort caused to others than their own self. However this isn’t something we should be proud of as by suppressing our emotions, we do no good to our own selves. It is important that you value yourself and stop doing things that cause you to hurt or discomfort just for the sake of pleasing people.

Ignoring your thoughts

Never try to suppress your thoughts or feelings. You should not let the fear of society dictate you and you should openly discuss your thoughts and feelings. Fearing while trying to express your thoughts expresses that you are low on confidence and having low self-esteem will not take you anywhere in life.

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Resisting to set boundaries

It is observed that many times we do things that we don’t feel comfortable in just to please the other person and let them know that we are perfect. However, one should prioritize someone else above our own selves. There should be no shame in setting boundaries in every relationship we have be it with our life partner, friends, or acquaintances. You should draw a clear line so that the other person is well aware of what you are okay with and what is strictly not allowed.

Hesitating to forgive yourself

You should know that we as human beings are bound to make mistakes and cause blunders. However, this doesn’t mean that we will live in guilt for the whole life. It is a good thing to realize your mistake and make amends for the same but you shouldn’t hold on to that one single error for your whole life. You shouldn’t hesitate while forgiving yourself for the mistakes you have committed as you can’t just live your whole life in guilt.

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