Things You Shouldn’t Look Out for Post Break Up

Break Ups can be tough as many a time they take a toll on your mental and emotional health. When you aren’t prepared for the separation, it can be a task to move on. Though we understand that things get hard, there are certain things that you should never do post break up if you actually want to move on from your past towards a happy life.

Constantly keeping tabs on your ex’s social media

It is natural that you will many times have the urge to keep a check on what your ex is doing to know if he is happy in his life or not or if he is dating somebody. However, you need to understand that constantly knowing about your ex’s whereabouts will do no good to you. It will never help you in forgetting the memories and you will just find yourself stuck in the vicious circle of the past.


It can be the case that your ex-partner might have done something really wrong with you that led to the downfall of your relationship. However, this doesn’t mean that you will continue playing the victim card and will spend your life in self-pity. Realize your worth before it’s too late and instead of self-victimizing move forward in your life like a boss. Also, don’t wait for an apology from the other person for his wrongdoings as there are very chances that they will feel sorry for their mistakes anytime soon.

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Dating before you are ready

Post your break up you might hear advice from your friends regarding you should get in another relationship to heal your broken self. But trust me this is the worst thing you can do with your own self. Dating before you are ready will make your mental health more vulnerable and exposed. Also, you will be doing very wrong with a person with whom you’ll start dating to forget your past experience.

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