Things Your Marriage Counselor Knows About Your Marriage

Relationships have become more fragile these days and people often resort to methods like couple therapy to solve the issues between them. There are certain things that a counselor gets to know about your relationship or marriage in the first meet only.

It’s best when you both care

Counselors feel happy when a couple starts fighting in the waiting room or while explaining their issues. It shows that both the partners still care about each other and are willing to mend things in their relationship. However, the job becomes difficult when one or both of the partners seem indifferent or aloof.

I know when you’re cheating

Counselors often get to know when people in a relationship are cheating over their significant other. If someone says that his/her feelings aren’t there anymore or the spark is missing there are high chances that they have found someone else for themselves.


No sex

Sometimes a therapist tries to trick a couple by saying that they won’t indulge in sex of any kind of physical activity until their next appointment. They tell both the couples to not touch each other. However, they hope that the couple disobeys them. This will make both the partners feel a sense of unity from their mutual rebellion.

Don’t talk to outsiders

It is often said that sharing your grief with others helps you feel light-headed. However, this is one of the worst crimes you can commit while being in a relationship. Never discuss your marriage issues with a third person no matter how close friends you both are. Instead try to talk to your significant other and mutually resolve the issue.

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Go to bed angry

It is often said that a couple should resolve their issues before going to bed for a healthy marriage. However, there are times when you should go to bed angry. Sometimes resolving everything at the same instant isn’t favourable as you tend to take hasty decisions. If there is some big problem just sleep over it and get a good night’s sleep. It will give you ample time to analyse the scenario and you will be able to talk calmly.

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