Tinder’s New Adventure-Swipe Night

On the 20th of September, Tinder announced about their latest adventure of swiping called Swipe Night. This new interactive move by Tinder tends to boost its user engagement. Read on to know more about this.

 Tinder’s New Adventure-Swipe Night!

Much like the latest digital trend in many series such as Netflix, this Swipe Night adventure will present a narrative where users make a series of choices in order to proceed.

You’ll have seven seconds to make a decision and proceed with the narrative, Tinder says. These decisions will then be added to your user profile, so people can see what decisions others made at those same points. You’ll make your choice using the swipe mechanism, hence the series’ name.

Every Sunday, a new part of the series will arrive. Tinder shot more than two hours’ worth of video for the effort, but you’ll only see the portions relevant to your own choices.

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“On October 6 at 6:00 p.m. local time in the U.S., Tinder® will launch Swipe Night– a first-of-its-kind, original interactive adventure that represents a whole new way to match. The Swipe Night story is a first-person, apocalyptic adventure where at key turning points, Tinder members decide what happens to them next. And their choices dictate more than just the story; they also impact who they match with and what they will chat about once the epic journey ends. Now that half of Tinder members are Gen Z (18-25), we’ve built an entire experience that speaks their language. We can’t think of a better way to break the ice than over emojis and the apocalypse.

Every Sunday in October, a new part of the Swipe Night adventure will take place live, right inside Tinder. From 6 p.m. – midnight, any active Tinder member in the U.S. will have the chance to experience the apocalypse together. Because, let’s face it, if we knew the world was ending, we wouldn’t want to go it alone. Swipe Night follows a group of friends played by Angela Wong Carbone (Chinatown Horror Story), Jordan Christian Hearn (Inherent Vice), and Shea Gabor, led by none other than you. As the story unfolds, you’ll face moral dilemmas and practical choices, with only seven seconds to decide and no going back. After each Swipe Night story release, critical choices will be added to members’ profiles, showing which decisions potential matches did or did not make. And all of this new information will make for plenty of material for post-apocalyptic banter.” 


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