Tips and hacks to take perfect pictures for your instagram posts

We have all spammed our phones with hundreds of selfies trying to get that one perfect selfie for instagram or taken pictures of really good views that just don’t do justice to what the eyes see. Some of us even succumb to the pressure and claim that photography is not meant for us. Well, it could be called as a job that requires some skills but there are several ways to get that perfect picture for your instagram post. These simple tips are to be kept in mind while trying to shoot that shot.

Understanding of the lighting

Lighting is everything. Even with the perfect pose and and background, if the lighting is not good the picture won’t turn out to be good or do justice as a post. Know when to use the flash indoors and for outdoors, try clicking when the sun is up for what is better than the natural light. Understand the direction of the light source and take the picture from the same direction to avoid the unnecessary shadows and make the picture look brighter.

Work on the angles

The same subject can look incredibly different with different angles. Play with the angles and try to shoot the same object with different angles to figure out how it looks the best. It may look beautiful in more than one angles and then it all depends on you and your angle of choice. While taking selfies, figure out which face profile of yours makes you look the best and flaunt that side. Keep the camera a little upwards from your face and click the picture with a downwards angle to avoid showing too much chin and focusing on those pretty eyes and cheeks of yours.

Use the camera gridlines on your phone

All the camera apps in your phone have gridlines to guide you with your photo. Turn the gridlines on and align the object perfectly with this little help. A well-spaced and aligned picture can be such a treat to the eyes. A gridline works on the “rule of thirds” according to which a perfect picture is always divided into 9 parts by cutting it into 3 parts horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The subject could be placed on any of the intersecting lines of the grid to create the perfect balance and an appealing picture.

Zooming in is a no no

Zooming in while taking a picture can really affect its quality in pixels. While trying to capture something distant, try getting as close as you can and take the picture without zooming. You can later crop out the part you need and you will also get more perspectives to play with.

You don’t have to be a pro photographer to keep your game strong but understanding the little basics can help you get a long way and make you the official photographer of the trips you take with your friends.

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