Tips for self- haircut like a pro during lockdown

If this lockdown and closure of salons and parlours have compelled you to become your own cosmetologist, you aren’t alone. Some of us really wish to chop down our hair really small. While some want to get rid of their split ends or simply cut bangs. If you are planning to experiment with your hair too, this guide would surely help you:

1- Invest in good quality sheers
If you are planning to chop your hair with kitchen scissors, please drop the idea. Invest in a good quality sheers or pro hair cutting scissors. You can order them online. It is the first step to a good haircut.

2- Decide what you want
Do you want to get rid of split ends? Or do you wish to get a Bob cut? Maybe layers? Or just bangs? Well, you must be clear of what you really want. And you should refrain from trying a complex cut. If you already have a cut and wish to make it sharp or just cut down some length, it would be much better.

3- Dry or Wet
While most of the salons get your hair wet before cutting them, it genuinely depends whether or not you want to. If you wish to do curls or waves, keeping your hair dry would be suitable in order to get actual look and thus expected results. While for a cut like layers, wet hair would be preferable.

4- Pre-cut schedule
Figure out what all you need to do before starting your hair cut. From washing hair to conditioning and arranging the equipments mainly sheers, brush, blow dryer, clips, ensure you have everything at its place.

5- Tutorials
Do not just experiment by randomly doing anything to your hair. Look for some expert tutorials according to the cut you wish to give yourself. Ensure that you carefully follow it.

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