Tips For Whitening Your Teeth

Your smile might be the prettiest one but you don’t fancy flaunting it. Reason is the yellowish shade your teeth might have been absorbed over the years. There can be a number of reasons as to why your teeth have turned yellow. Sometimes they even take a shade of grey due to food stains. If just like millions of other people, you become conscious of your yellow teeth, read further to find the cure of this problem. 

Use Baking Soda 

Studies suggest that baking soda has teeth whitening properties. This is the main reason it is a major ingredient of many popular toothpastes. Thus baking soda can help you in turning your teeth white again. All you need to do is to gently scrub it over your tooth’s surface while brushing. Though you should be aware that it is a slow process and you will have to wait for a couple of weeks to get the desired result. One of the added advantages of using baking soda is that it prevents your teeth from producing more bacteria. 


Limit Sugar Foods

Sugar contains substances that can contribute to teeth dullness. Thus, you need to keep a check on your intake of red wine, berries, sugary soda drinks or any other kind of sweets. Though it doesn’t mean that you cut them down completely. Instead, try to reduce the number of times you consume sugar-coated drinks or food. Also, keep in mind that you need to avoid smoking as nicotine is the main reason that will cause your teeth to look dull.

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Increase Calcium Intake 

Sometimes discolouration in your teeth is caused by the enamel-eroding away that exposes as the dentin that lies beneath the enamel. Hence, this leads to teeth turning yellowish or brownish. For eradicating this problem, try to include calcium rich food in your diet. Calcium is not only good for teeth but will also make your bones strong. 

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