Women safety has been a major issue across the globe. With the covid-19 pandemic, the world has shifted online. It has also lead to a shift in harassment cases which are now more through internet. Women have complaint of receiving unknown video calls, video calls of employers or colleagues at odd hours and other similar things.

Following are some tips every woman should follow to strengthen her online safety:

1. NEVER share your password with anybody. People may ask you for your Facebook, mail or any other social password with any reason or excuse, just don’t give it.

2. Don’t click on unknown or suspicious links. Clicking on links can land you into trouble by sharing your personal information or tracking you.

3. Don’t browse through unknown websites.

4. Do not accept video calls from unknown numbers.

5. Show your unwillingness to be available for video calls at odd hours to employers or colleagues.

6. Record calls and video calls whenever in doubt.

7. Change default settings on social media and keep them private instead of public.

8. Don’t reveal too much. People may misuse your pictures and even create fake accounts.

9. Be cautious of online frauds by not agreeing to pay any advance or registration amount for a new company.

10. Do not share your nude pictures with any one. Not just that they can misuse it but due to some privacy defaults, it can be shared with a third party.

And lastly, do not hesitate to file a cyber complaint in case you feel anyone is harassing you or misusing you in any way online.

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