Tips to crack video call interviews amid Covid-19

With Coronavirus pandemic, life has come to a stand still. The industrial sector which has been hiy hard is gradually resuming. However, educational institutions and the process of hiring still had completely changed. While, it is not possible to gather crowd for the purposes, it has all become online.

So if you are to give your first video-call interview and are really scared, here are a few tips that will definitely help you:

1. Download application on which your interview will be held. Some of the common ones are zoom, google hangout and skype. Also, try out all features of the application so it is friendly to you and you don’t need to find options during interview.

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2. Dress up well, even when you don’t have to be there physically. Dressing formal will definitely give a better image than casually wearing t shirt, lowers and slippers.

3. Find yourself a clean space. Ensure that the background is very well organised so it doesn’t give a negative impression about you.

4. Make sure you keep the hard copy of your resume so it is convenient to give information like name of organizations you’ve worked with as well as dates. You should also keep a pen and paper with you. And, do not roam around to gather things while you are on an interview.

5. Be sure that there’s no one else around you to distract. Inform your family or room mates about your interview , so they do not simply roam around or peep through the door in between.

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