We often set big targets and spend our entire day making even bigger plans to achieve it, but eventually forget it the next day. It is easier said than done, we all know that. So how to actually follow a healthy diet plan? Read further for some real tips.

1. Break your targets

Don’t plan to lose 10 kg weights in one year. Instead, set your target to lose 1 kg a month. It will not just keep you motivated and consistent, but also help you evaluate your performance every month.


2. Don’t be too strict

If you try to be too strict with your plan, you are not gonna follow it for more than a week or you can in fact harm yourself. Give some kind of flexibility or add cheat meals to your plan.

3. Enjoy it

You may never be able to stick to a plan if you take it as constraint. You should understand the purpose and not force yourself for it. It is only then you will be able to enjoy it and follow it sincerely.

4. Replace your snacks
Replacing your junk with healthy snacks will definitely help you stick your plan. So whenever you see the packaged food, replace with fresh fruits and veggies and make sure you grab them when you feel hungry.

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