7 Tips to keep your Work and Life balanced

Maintaining a balance between work and life seems like an impossible feat today. Although, it is very important. Without a proper balance, you certainly cannot live healthy in the long run.

Following are some tips you must follow to maintain a balance between your life and work :

Do what you love

Doing what you love, gives you a reason to work. You really start doing your job willingly and without much of stress. Thus, it becomes important to pick a job or work in the field you are genuinely interested. It can be accounting, web designing or even singing, as a profession.


No one can handle everything. If you are a founder and manager of a company, you need certain people to look at other things. Look for you interests and ability, and do only what you are really good at, and outsource the rest. It may cost you little higher, but certainly gives you more perfection and time for other work.

Take a break

Break is as important as work. Specially in the times of technology when everything can be done online, you tend to work even when you are on leave. It’s important to take a break and get yourself adequate rest.

Fix working hours

Obviously no one can work the entire day. And its always better to work less but effectively. Look for your best time slot, if you are a night owl, work late night and if you are an Earlybird, work early morning. Choose the time you can concentrate the most.

Give personal time

Your work and life can only be balanced when you give time to your personal life. If your job doesn’t let you spend time with family, friends or your own self, leave it. It’s important to look at social aspects and give yourself space from your work.

Prioritise work

Make a list of your everyday tasks and categorise them in 4:

1-Important and urgent
2-Important but not urgent
3-Urgent but not impossible
4-Neither urgent nor important

By doing this, you’ll make things easier for you and can manage it accordingly.

Exercise and meditate

In your busy schedule, take out some time to exercise or meditate in the morning. Exercising will help keep your body and mind relaxed, and therefore increase your productivity. It will also help your body stay away from stress and depression.

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