Tips to workout at home without equipments

The pandemic has changed the definition of normalcy for most of us. While lockdown is almost over, gyms aren’t open yet. Even if they are, it’s not easy to make up our mind to go amid covid-19 and not even advisable.

But if you think it can keep your workout on halt, you are wrong.
In this article we would be sharing tips on how you can workout at home without equipments:

1. Set Goals
No one can deny the fact that the level of motivation in gym is unmatchable. When working out at home, you need to ensure the same level of enthusiasm and motivation that can drive you to achieve your goals. For this, you should ‘have goals’ of course. Set objective first, as to what you want to achieve. Then set your routine and time by which you will accomplish it.

2. Warm up
Just because it’s not gym, doesn’t mean you can start with intensive exercises without warming up your body before exercise. If you don’t, your muscles or bones may suffer from injuries or tissue breakage. For this, you can stretch your arms, legs, do shipping, do on spot jogging, jump or do squats.

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3. Workout
After warning up, begin with your set goals. Although your goal may be specific, you should work for cardio, flexibility as well as weight training. You can play motivational music or videos of workout in the background to keep your motivation alive.

4. Cool down
Cooling down after exercise is as important as warming up before it. It helps bring your body to a normal state by reversing the injuries you may have faced by over-streching or intensive exercise. Relax body after you’re done instead of directly engaging in your daily routine.

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