Top 10 best paying jobs 2019

Women at workplace.

With increasing literacy and awareness among women, there’s also a parallel increase in the number of job opportunities for them. Although, women still face gender-based discrimination in a number of ways. From the process of selection, to position offered and even in salary packages, they suffer.

But, here’s a list of Top 10 Best paying jobs for women as per 2019. Pursuing a career in any of these can prove to be fruitful in the present era.

 1- Pharmacist

Pharmacists aren’t just responsible for filling prescriptions, but work beyond that. However, they must decipher doctor’s handwriting. They are experts on the safe use of drugs. Sometimes they also recommend medicines to patients, based on their symptoms. Generally they don’t just spend time filling prescriptions but also collaborate with doctors.  So, they actively involve in patient evaluation and treatment. It is an exciting job, but also lucrative. As per previous years’ data, the median salary of a Pharmacist is $126,120 yearly.

 2- Nurse Practitioner

It is a highly rewarding career for women. Women who wish to get directly involved in patients’ treatment can opt for this career. On an average, a nurse practitioner earns $113,390 per annum. These women provide family planning guidance, women health care and assist in delivering babies and providing health checkups to them before and after delivery.


They interpret laws and highly involve in law making. Ensuring if companies are working withing the legal framework, is also a part of their job. Their work is mostly research based. The nature of work varies depending upon the sector. The most common ones are- Criminal lawyer, Family lawyer, tax and property lawyer etc. Career is law can be highly rewarding.  On an average, a lawyer earns $120,910 in an year.

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4- Chief Executive

The top level management or chief executive officers are they key resources of the company. They highly engage in decision making. All the key decisions are in their hand. A company’s aim is usually laid down by them. On an average, they earn $104,980 annually.

5- Human Resource Manager

HRs fulfill the staffing needs of the organisation. They mainly hire people for the organisation and check with their training process. They also set salary packages and work on performance appraisal. On an average, they earn $113,300 in an year.

6- Computer and Information Systems Manager

IT has emerged out as a sector with rapid growth. These Managers analyse the computer needs and provide efficient systems.They also provide guidance on cyber crime and security. IT managers are high in demand.
With the current annual package of $142,530, the sector is incredibly growing.

7- Management Analyst

The role of a management Analyst is to advice managers on how to improve the organisation’s efficiency and decision making. They actively work on reducing cost and increasing revenue of the company.  On an average, they earn $83,610 per annum.

8- Software Developer, Applications and Systems  Software

With the increasing trend of ‘online’, the scope for App and Software developers is constantly on a rise. They usually work with programmers and practice coding, developing and improving websites and other online platforms. Their average salary package is $105,590 per year.

9- Physical Therapist

Physical therapists work with ill or injured patients. They help rehabilitate people with spinal cord injuries. They specialize in particular kind of exercises for people of different age groups. Other tasks include planning different types of activities for fitness and wellness of people. Their average package is around $87,930 per year.

10- Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are innovators, designers and operators. They supervise infrastructural projects for both public and private enterprises. If you’re a talented and highly motivated woman, you can do really well in the field and get your dream job. Their annual average package is $86,640





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